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Phonics lessons help children to read and write with confidence.

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The UptoSix Phonics Apps follow the synthetic phonics approach.

Synthetic phonics begins with explicitly teaching isolated sound-letter relationships and then blending sounds to make words. 

To spell, children learn to segment a word into its individual sounds.

As the name suggests, synthetic phonics requires children to synthesise sounds to make words.


Tap or click to play:


Tap or click to play:

Children learn to read by blending the individual sounds of a word. Like the sounds /s/-/a/-/t/ are blended to read ‘sat’.

To spell, children learn to segment a word into individual sounds. Like ‘sat’ is segmented to the sounds /s/, /a/, and /t/ to spell.

Blending and segmenting are just opposites of each other.

In the UptoSix Phonics App, children learn 24 letter sounds.

UptoSix Phonics App Set 1 Sounds
UptoSix Phonics App Set 2 Sounds
Set 3 Phonics Sounds
Set 4 Phonics Sounds

Other UptoSix Apps:

Foundation Level

(3 – 5 years)

Advanced Level

(5 – 8 years)

A Tracing and Writing App for Kids

A Spelling and Writing Practice App for Kids

It is important that, from the beginning, children be taught how to write letters in proper formation. Wrong-writing habits are very difficult to get rid of.

  • An animation demonstrates how to write a letter with proper formation.
  • Children can watch and try writing with a finger or with a stylus.
  • Unlike other apps, there’s no auto-correction feature.

Fun Games

Fun games and activities help in

  • Reinforce learnings
  • Assessment of learning
  • Develop pre-reading and spelling skills.

Phonics game
Phonics Game: Ending Sound
Letter-sound correspondence
Letter matching phonics game


As children master the skill of blending, they progress from reading words to reading phrases. 

Reading with UptoSix Phonics

In the UptoSix Phonics app, there are 60 phrases for kids to read. If they need help reading any word, it’s decoded for them.

UptoSix Phonics PLUS App
UptoSix Phonics PLUS

Phonics lessons will be incomplete unless students learn concepts such as Consonant Blends, Digraphs, Tricky Words, Magic ‘e’, and Alternate Spellings. Teaching children only single-letter sounds is similar to teaching them half-strategies for cracking the alphabetic code. The Uptosix Phonics PLUS App covers all advanced phonics concepts. 

Have Fun Learning!