UptoSix Spell Board

An Interactive Spelling and Writing App for Kids!

The UptoSix Spell Board App helps children learn to read and spell with phonics and practice writing. 

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✨ Spell, play, and learn in an interactive and engaging way. 

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UptoSix Spell Board is an interactive and engaging learning app designed for kids to learn and write spellings with phonics. 

It’s a fun and easy-to-follow app where children can practice writing spelling like a chalkboard.


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Features of the UptoSix Spell Board App

UptoSix Spell Board is a spelling app designed for kindergarten kids to improve their phonics-based spelling skills. Children can practice writing words using their finger or a stylus using the app, reinforcing both spelling and letter formation. 

Unlike some other apps, it doesn’t automatically correct the writing; instead, it rewards correct word formation. It’s akin to endless dictation practice, making it convenient for parents and teachers who no longer need to search for dictation words. 

The app offers a vast word database for endless practice opportunities and is divided into three difficulty levels:

  • Easy (3-5 letter words), 
  • Medium (up to 7-letter words), and 
  • Hard (words with digraphs).
UptoSixSpell Board
UptoSix Spell Board
UptoSix Spell Board App

Foundation Level

(3 – 5 years)

Advanced Level

(5 – 8 years)

A Tracing and Writing App for Kids

Download the UptoSix Spell Board App Today!