UptoSix Letter Formation App

A writing and tracing app for kids!

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UptoSix Letter Formation App Includes


  • Capital and small letters

  • Numbers

  • Chicken, giraffe and monkey letters

  • Writing on four lines

  • Pre-writing exercises for those who require a little extra assistance in developing finger control

Letters and Numbers

An animation repeatedly plays to demonstrate how to write with proper formation. Children see the animation and try writing/ tracing independently—no auto-correction of writing like other tracing apps. Actual practice, real learning.

Tracing with a finger is like writing on a sand tray with a finger or on a slate with water. Writing with a stylus is similar to writing with a pencil on paper. Children start with finger tracing and gradually progress to paper-pencil writing. 

Pre-writing skills

For children who need help with more finger control exercises, the Pre-writing skill pages are for them. By tracing different types of lines, various finger movements can be practised. 

Before preschoolers begin writing, they must first learn to hold a pencil correctly. Cutting, sticking, colouring, and picking up small objects with their fingers helps children develop fine motor skills.

Four Lines Writing

Once children have perfected letter formation and construction, they must learn about letter sizing and spacing and keep their writing within the designated space of the page.

Kindergarten children learn to use the four lines on the page to guide the sizing of the letters.

Chicken, Giraffe and Monkey Letters

The chicken, giraffe, and monkey letters help children remember which lines to place the letters on.

Chicken letters

Chicken letters are small. They sit between the two middle blue lines.

Giraffe Letters

Giraffe letters are tall. They have a long neck,  they touch the top red line. 

Monkey Letters

Monkey letters have a tail that falls and touches the bottom blue line.

Capital letters and numbers are all giraffe letters. 

We hope this app will help Kindergarten and preschool kids to learn to write correctly in a fun and engaging way.

Happy Writing!