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For a Solid Foundation in Reading and Spelling

Your child will never struggle to read and spell again!

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Foundation Level

(3 – 5 years)

Advanced Level

(5 – 8 years)

A Tracing and Writing App for Kids

A Spelling and Writing Practice App for Kids

Download the UptoSix Phonics apps now and watch your child's reading and writing skills flourish!

Why UptoSix Phonics Apps?

Easy to use
Easy to use

Fun and easy

Step-by-step lessons

Systematic phonics lessons

Made by teachers
Made by teachers

Hand-crafted by teachers

Fun interactive games
Fun games

Lots of interactive games to play

Easy for parents
Easy for parents

No prior phonics knowledge required

Endless practice
Endless practice

To master the phonics skills

Why you MUST consider downloading the UptoSix Phonics Apps:

🔤 Master Early Reading Skills: A solid foundation in reading and writing skills is essential for academic success. Synthetic phonics is the most effective method for teaching children to read and spell. UptoSix Phonics Apps are comprehensive synthetic phonics apps designed to help young learners build strong foundations in reading and writing. 

🧠 Interactive Learning: Bright, colourful graphics and fun interactive phonics games and lessons make learning phonics learning a delight. Your child will stay focused and eager to explore!

✏️ Comprehensive Curriculum:  UptoSix Phonics Apps covers all aspects of phonics education. A huge database of thousands of words, hundreds of sentences, stories, and fun interactive games provide endless practice opportunities to master the reading and spelling skills. 

🎯Hand-Crafted by Experienced Teachers: Our lessons are thoughtfully crafted by educational experts to ensure your child’s success.

🎉 Ages Appropriate: Tailored specifically for kindergarten and primary school kids In this crucial developmental stage, our app provides age-appropriate content. 

🔒 Safe and Ad-Free: Rest easy knowing your child is in a safe digital environment. Our app is ad-free and designed with your child’s online safety in mind.

🛟No personal data is collected, ensuring online safety.

🤝 Easy for Parents: Systematic, step-by-step synthetic phonics lessons are easy to follow for parents and teachers. No prior knowledge is required.

✅ Perfect for homeschooling

✅A valuable supplemental tool for schools alongside your existing phonics curriculum.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Join Thousands of Happy Families: UptoSix Phonics has already made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children and their parents. Join the community of satisfied users and witness the transformation in your child’s learning experience!

🚀 Invest in Your Child’s Future: Early literacy skills are the milestone of academic success. Give your child the gift of literacy and watch them soar in school and beyond.

⬇️ Download the UptoSix Phonics apps now and give your child the gift of reading!

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