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Phonics instruction equips children with effective strategies to decode unfamiliar words, empowering them to become confident and independent readers.

UptoSix Phonics App
UptoSix Phonics

The UptoSix Phonics PLUS App is the continuation of the UptoSix Phonics App. This app covers advanced phonics concepts like Digraphs, Consonant blends, Tricky Words, Magic ‘e’,  Alternate Spelling , and more. 


Digraphs are two letters and one sound. In the word ‘snail’, <ai> is a digraph. 

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Consonant Blends

Consonant blends are two or three consonant sounds that, when pronounced together, each letter retains its sound. In the word ‘blend’, ‘bl’ is a consonant blend.

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Alternate Spellings

Few sounds can be represented in different:

  • ‹ai›: as in rain, snail

  • ‹a_e›: as in name, cake and shape. This is also known as magic ‹e›

  • ‹ay›: as in day, way and play 

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Giving your child a strong foundation in reading and spelling is the greatest gift you can provide.