UptoSix Phonics PLUS

Discover the POWER of Phonics!


Phonics for kids! Phonics lessons give children the ability to read and write with confidence.


The UptoSix Phonics app is an all-in-one phonics programme. Explore Now!

Why is phonics for kids important?

A solid foundation in reading and writing skills is the key to academic success. Phonics lessons give children the ability to unlock the alphabetic code, which in turn helps them read and write with confidence. ​

Features of the UptoSix Phonics PLUS App:


Two letters one sound

Consonant Blends
Consonant blends

Each letter retains its sound

Tricky Words
Tricky words

Sight words

Magic e
Magic 'e'

Split digraphs

Many Stories to Read

many stories to read

Interactive phonics games
Interactive games

To master phonics skills

Explore fun-filled learning with thousands of words, hundreds of sentences, numerous stories, colourful graphics, and fun interactive games.

  • Developed by experienced early childhood educators.
  • A huge database of 2000 plus words, more than 250 sentences, and many stories for reading and spelling practise.
  • Colourful graphics and fun games for concept introduction and reinforcement.
  • Easy for parents and teachers to follow and guide their children.
  • No prior phonics knowledge is required.



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