UptoSix Letter Formation App

Help your child learn to write letters and numbers with proper formation, effortlessly.

Do you have trouble teaching your preschooler how to write letters and numbers with proper formation? 

The UptoSix Letter Formation App can help. 

  • Kids can watch the animations and learn how to write.
  • Unlike other apps, this app does not auto-correct a child’s writing.
  • It does not give a false sense of achievement.
  • Children really learn to write letters and numbers with proper formation.
  • Endless practise helps children develop strong handwriting foundations.


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Features of the UptoSix Letter Formation App

A colourful interactive app that helps children learn to write 

    • Uppercase and Lowercase Letters 
    • Numbers
    • Chicken, Giraffe, and Monkey letters
    • Four Lines Writing 
    • Pre-writing skills
    • Children can use their fingers or a stylus to practise writing. 
Uptosix Letter formation App
Lower case letter h. Download the UptoSix Letter Formation App . A Letter and Number Tracing App for Kids
UptoSix Letter Formation App- lowercase letter s

Four Lines Writing

Four Lines Writing letter Kk - UptoSix Letter Formation App
Four Lines Writing UptoSix Letter formation App

Chicken, Giraffe and Monkey Letters

The chicken, giraffe, and monkey letters are a fun way to teach children four-line writing.

Chicken Letter
Chicken letters are small

Chicken letters

Giraffe Letter
Giraffe letters are tall

Giraffe Letters

Monkey Letter
Monkey letters have monkey tails

Monkey Letters

Foundation Level

(3 – 5 years)

Advanced Level

(5 – 8 years)

A Tracing and Writing App for Kids

A Spelling and Writing Practice App for Kids

Pre-Writing Skills

The pre-writing skill pages are for children who require help with finger control exercises. By tracing different types of lines, various finger movements can be mastered. These are excellent fine-motor activities.

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